On this page you will find all of the archived sermons from our former pastor, Don Walton. The sermons are listed in chronological order with the most recent one on the top of the list.

Click on the title you wish to view and you will be taken directly to that sermon.

  1. Relationships
  2. The Iron did Swim
  3. The Jordan
  4. God’s Formula for Sin
  5. The Miracle of the Veil
  6. The Fear of the Lord
  7. Adonijah
  8. The Majesty of Calmness
  9. The World’s Phantoms
  10. What God Desires
  11. The Penitent Sinner’s Voice of Weeping During Times of Perceived Divine Desertion
  12. What to Do with Your Fears
  13. God’s Formula for Victory
  14. Is America Cursed?
  15. Manna
  16. Balaam: The Compromising Prophet
  17. Strange Fire
  18. Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning
  19. Let’s Make a Deal
  20. The Rod of God
  21. Joseph the Dreamer
  22. Abraham: The Father of the Faith
  23. The Importance of the Bible
  24. The Anchor of the Soul
  25. Psalm 100
  26. The Importance of Election
  27. The Wonders of God’s Grace
  28. Just As I Am
  29. Eagles
  30. God’s Workman
  31. The High and Lofty One
  32. David’s One Desire
  33. The Summary of the Gospel
  34. The Wind of the Holy Spirirt
  35. Life Is an Echo
  36. America’s Mount Moriah Moment
  37. The Heart of Worship
  38. God’s Formula for Sin
  39. As It Was in the Days of Noah
  40. Caesar, Christ and the Christian