The luck of the draw

Call it whatever you choose…God’s grace, mercy, love or a ministering angel, but don’t call it luck or coincidence.

          We may marvel at the technology of today that allows messages, photographs and stories beamed into our electronic devices instantly. But none of them can beat the speed (or reliability) of our prayers to God. He hears our prayers as fast as we can voice them and, sometimes, before we know we are going to pray! Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I have towards you; thoughts of peace and not evil to give you an unexpected end.”

          Stop and take a minute to think about some “lucky coincidences” that have happened in your life. A parking place right in front of your destination in the pouring rain, or maybe the rain that held off for an important outdoor event, the date you had in high school that ended up being your spouse. Maybe it was an unexpected telephone call that boosted your spirits on an otherwise difficult day.   How many dozens and dozens of occurrences can we think of that we thought of as “lucky” or “a coincidence” that we should have realized that God’s hand was in them.

          All too often we take for granted God’s love for us. All too often we miss the blessings He grants us.

          The Bible tells us God has an army of angels and that He assigns an angel to each of us to watch over us and protect us. Not everyone believes in angels but listen to what the Scriptures say: Acts 12: 6-10 tells the story of how an angel came to Peter when he was in prison and set him free. Psalm 103:21 “Praise the Lord for all the angels who do His will.” and the familiar stories we know about the Archangels Gabriel and Michael and the messages they delivered from God on so many occasions. 

           But through the study of God’s word and prayer God will “Lead us from temptation and deliver us from evil” (The Lord’s Prayer)

          Why do angels protect us? Their love for God motivates them to care for the children He loves.