No Room

          Some time ago a two page newspaper spread was brought to my attention.  It featured man-on-the-street interviews with random people offering their opinions concerning the real meaning of Christmas.  Their responses included the sentimental view of family gatherings, especially indulging the young children’s fantasies of the mythical Santa and his magical powers.  Some saw a broader humanistic definition of love for one’s fellow man and the spirit of giving.  Others embraced a more hedonistic view of just another time to ‘party’.  Not one person in the story mentioned the birth of Jesus Christ and His mission to Earth.  Did they all just join in the side effects of the celebration but miss the word Christ in Christmas?  No wonder many are content with the shortened name of X-mas(!) and a “Happy Holidays” greeting.

          In Bethlehem that first Christmas night a busy inn keeper had no room for Joseph and his young wife who was in labor with her first child.  The harassed inn keeper did offer them the dubious shelter of the stable which was already crowded with the animals of his guests.  He is not mentioned again so we assume he missed the amazing significance of the angelic drama described by the shepherds concerning the identity of his royal guest.  He was just so preoccupied that he missed the first Christmas unfolding on his own property.  Perhaps an on-going examination of our own priorities would be in order lest we miss God’s best while laboriously pursuing our own good things.  Maybe I need to pray that He will “open my eyes that I may see”-all the wonderful truth He has for me.

              Read and meditate afresh on the events of that first Christmas night in the second chapter of Luke’