Mysterious Ways

      We hear the phrase “God works in mysterious ways” and Christians understand the various scriptures that tell us about God’s mysteries and God’s promise to take care of us. It is often used to express our amazement and gratitude knowing that God works things out for us in his perfect plan.

          I saw this happen a few months ago when Betsy* had surgery and could not fill her prescription for oxycodone pain medication. She was told that because it is a ‘controlled’ drug, only a limited supply is given to a pharmacy each month. When that allowance is depleted no more prescriptions can be filled. She tried several drugstores but none had any to give her. She was in terrible pain and had no relief.

          It was on a Wednesday night. I went to church early to tend to some things there and just happened to bump into Barbara and asked about Betsy. She told me about the problem. I had also had surgery recently and had filled a prescription for oxycodone but had never used it. I took it to Betsy that same night. It gave her the relief she needed.


Now look at the “what if’s” that had to happen before Betsy could get those pills.

What if I hadn’t filled the prescription? (Really didn’t want to use that particular drug.)

What if I had disposed of them when I had healed from the surgery?

What if I hadn’t gone to the service early and did have that chance to speak to Barbara?

What if Barbara hadn’t known about the situation?



It reminds me of a verse of a hymn we sing:

“God will take care of you

Through every day all the way

He will take care of you God will take care of you”

(CD Martin 1904)


*not her real name