My Father’s Love

I have been listening to Christian Contemporary Radio, a lot recently. Maybe because I have 20 something year old children and that is “their” music. Maybe it is because I am looking for more than just the songs in our hymnal. Sadly, I probably know most of those hymns by heart since my childhood. But, they just don’t speak to me like they used to. Oh, I still have my favorites; but I have often thought that when things are too routine they lose their meaning. Maybe I have sung the beautiful old hymns one too many times?

In my search for some new music to touch my spirit I found a few songs that remind me how much God loved us and loves me!

One of those songs is “Hello, My Name Is…” by Matthew West. These are a couple of phrases in that song that almost quote 1 John 3:1a and they remind me of the ‘Greatest Love Story’ in the Bible – John 3:16.

What love the Father has lavished,

Upon us that we should be called His children.

I am a child of the one true king!…

I’ve been saved, I have been changed,

I have been set free.

Amazing grace is the song I sing.

Hello, my name is child of the one true king.

If the fact that God gave His only son to die for us, that He loved us – poor wretched souls – so much to give up His son; if it doesn’t get to the root of your soul, you must not be ‘a child of the one true king!’

Even though that may not be the underlying theme of the song; God still moved me and gave me such peace. How can anything bother a Christian when you realize how much God loved you? We all know that in reality we can’t put human words to describe that depth of love.

May you feel that same peace – knowing how much God loves you!