We use to say, “To err is human and to forgive divine.” Unfortunately, in today’s politicly correct and profane culture, we no longer see the need to forgive human error (sin). Instead, we celebrate it as proof of our normalcy and the ultimate virtue of vivacity. This explains how the death of a womanizing celebrity who dies an alcoholic can be reported by today’s main stream media in these glaring words, “Some measure out their lives by coffee spoons,” but he “poured his out by the bucketfuls.”

In our present-day world, immorality is perceived as the pulse of healthy humanity. Throwing off the “shackles” of morality is deemed necessary if we are to soar to the heights of human potential. Therefore, morality is denigrated in the eyes of today’s amoral society as something abnormal and unhealthy, not to mention something stifling to both human experience and ingenuity. Is there any wonder, then, that a New York Post columnist calls “the right to be wrong” the “greatest right in the world”?

Whereas the moral and ethical were once admired and highly esteemed in our society, they are now ridiculed and condemned. What was once considered morality is now redefined as bigotry. Those who once believed in goodness are now condemned as intolerant. Consequently, the moral bar has been continuously lowered until today’s society can easily meet it while crawling and slithering around on its belly.

The tremendous challenge facing the contemporary church is how to paint goodness up in an attractive way to a morally colorblind society. How do we get relativists, who are bewitched by abstract truth, to even gaze at the brilliant colors and light of a biblical moral landscape? Truly, there is only way for us to do so.

We must daily exhibit in our life, which serves as our canvass in the gallery of this world, the stark contrast between the attractive consequences of virtue and the unattractive consequences of vice. If the world can see biblical truth painted out in our lives by daily practice it will not be able to escape its appeal. Furthermore, it will be clearly shown how the ways of a politically correct and profane culture pale in comparison to the ways of God.

Will you take up your brush today and begin painting out in your life for the whole world to see the brilliant and beautiful truths of God’s Word?