Mining the Truth

John 8:31  So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If You continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

I told Pastor Jim Anderson I would study with Him after I finished reading the bible, so I kept my promise and called. Pastor Jim was the first of several that came along side and helped with my walk and talk. I had a lot to learn and was eager to get started. If you compared my biblical knowledge after 7 months in the word to a length of rope, I was about one foot along a 1,000 ft. rope. I might be at 500 ft. now, but I will never get to the end. You old timers that have seriously studied the Word all your life know what I am talking about. We started with the beatitudes beginning in Matthew 5:3-11, and continued with them for about 7 months. If you look at these verses you will see that each one begins with blessed; examples: blessed are the poor in spirit; blessed are those who mourn; blessed are those who are gentle, etc. We would read one verse at a time, study it, discuss it, then Jim would lead me all over the bible to many references compatible with the verse we were studying. Jim used a great strategy for teaching scripture, he would ask me to read and then ask me to tell him what I thought it said. Using many Passages with the same basic message really helped solidly implant the message into my pea picking little brain.

After attending Grace R Free church for a couple of months and being asked several times to join a Sunday School class, Faye and I finally did. We enjoyed good fellowship  and made some great friends that continued on for the eight years we lived in the Davenport area. I have to admit I was intimidated by our class members because they knew the bible and had memorized many verses that they quoted and made comments on. I felt like a kindergartner in a senior high class. Those that know me know I am not usually at a loss for words but I sure was quite in that class for quite a while. In hindsight  am glad we attended the Sunday School class because of the fellowship, teaching, and encouragement we received, but I don’t believe any thing is more beneficial to a babe in Christ than a good one on one mentor-disciple maker.

Proverbs 27:17  Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.

If we don’t continue in the Word of God can we truly be a disciple of Jesus?