Thanks to the present-day lowering of moral expectations by our profane culture and the contemporary church’s monastery mentality, our world is in double trouble. In today’s world human frailty is celebrated and the Christian faith denigrated. We find ourselves in a woeful time similar to that of Isaiah the prophet’s, a time when men “call evil good” and “good evil” and mistake “darkness for light” and “light for darkness” (Isaiah 5:20).

Our world sees the absolute truth of God’s Word as loathsome, crediting it with such evils as intolerance and hatred. Little does it know, however, that behind the absolute truths of God’s Word is God’s perfect love. Far from hatred, the absolute truths of God’s Word are prescribed for us by an omniscient and loving God, who knows, far better than we do, what is best for us. Thus, the purpose of God’s Word is not to divide us, as today’s world mistakenly believes, but to direct us, as God’s Word clearly explains (Proverbs 3:6).

All who insist on living by their wit rather than God’s Word do so to their own detriment and destruction. Why, then, should they accuse others of hate for simply trying to point out to them before it’s too late the error of their way? What greater act of love could someone perform on their behalf than to try to point them away from their destructive sin to the delivering Savior. Still, all who lovingly attempt to do so on behalf of sinners today suffer the abuse and scorn of the very sinners they’re attempting to help.

Christians are no longer appreciated for their loving concern for the souls of men, but denigrated as hatemongers who are trying to force their morality on others. How dare we have the audacity to suggest that the Bible is true and its Gospel message the only way to peace with God? Why can’t we join the rest of the world in believing our faith no better than any other? Though the world would interpret our acquiescing to ecumenism and multiculturalism as a supreme act of love on our behalf, it would actually be an act of extreme cruelty, for by doing so we would extinguish the only light illuminating the way for the world’s salvation.