Little deeds of kindness

How do we know when we have impacted someone by some little deed of kindness?  The action may seem minor to us and probably quickly forgotten but it may be remembered as a significant deed of kindness to someone else. How do we know when we have prayed for someone the prayer was answered?  We may never know but we must never forget that our knowing is not important. We don’t need to know, we only need to be aware of when a little deed of kindness is necessary, when a prayer is needed for someone.

          This was brought to mind for me just a few days ago. I ran into a couple of ladies at the library and one of them asked the other if they knew me. “Oh yes I do”, she said enthusiastically. Then she told the story of how she had locked her keys in her car in the parking lot and I had taken her home to get a second set of keys to unlock the car. She thanked me again for helping her out.

          That was many years ago. I hadn’t even remembered doing it, but to her it was a very big deed of kindness! That made me stop and think about another incident. A friend of mine was having shoulder surgery. She was in a different state so I couldn’t visit her but I told her I would pray for her. Three days after her surgery she called me and said her surgery went very well and she was feeling good and was in no pain. We chatted and she said she was dreading the rehab she was going to have to go through. I told her I would pray for her successful rehab. That was probably three or four years ago and just recently we were chatting on face book and she said, “You know I never thanked you for your prayers for my surgery but I want you to know how much it meant to me to have your prayers with me.” I didn’t remember her surgery, let alone praying for her.

          So these examples remind us that we may never know, we don’t need to know, how we can impact someone’s life by how we react to a need to be filled. We just need to realize God will use us to give comfort when and where it may be needed and thank Him for showing us that opportunity.

          If we strive to drown out the sounds of the world and learn to listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling us and obey what He wants us to do, we will be in God’s will and doing what pleases Him.

          Philippians 2:13 “for it is God who works in you to both His will and to act according to His good purpose.”