Thinking through the holidays we celebrate each year, Thanksgiving, in spite of being invaded by early Christmas sales, is the purest. It is a day of sitting down together with our families, a day when we remember to thank God for the many blessings he gives us and the fellowship we enjoy. Is a day when we remember to say Grace before we eat, a day off from work for many. Especially nice is how some families go around the dinner table asking each person what they are thankful for.

          But now even that day is being polluted with commercials urging people to shop. It used to be just Black Friday but now that has moved into Thanksgiving evening. I wonder how many hurried through a dinner that day, which left a kitchen to be cleaned up later. How many men were coerced from being able to watch a football game or taking a nap? “Goodbye family and friends…hate to see you go but I’m going shopping!” Stores and malls are already decorated for Christmas, playing Christmas carols and battering people’s minds with fantastic sales.

          Will it continue earlier and earlier each year obliterating Halloween and by encouraging a material mindset crowding out the concept of gratitude that was honored by the Pilgrims?

          We see Santa Clause replacing Jesus at Christmas, we see the Easter Bunny dropping eggs from helicopters. Will we be able to fly the American flag on the Fourth of July? Will the parades sport rainbow flags that day? Will we be able to sing the national anthem at sporting events? When will the phrase “under God” be taken from the pledge of allegiance again? How much longer will we be allowed to say prayers at public meetings and church services? How many more Christians will be killed for their belief in Jesus?

          To what extent will being “politically correct” stamp out our religious freedom and our national pride. How much longer will our Constitution protect our “unalienable rights”?

          It is sad to realize that our grandchildren will never see the America we grew up in and loved. Our patriotism is being eroded by corruption and greed and our faith is being attacked by intolerance and the changing world we live in. How do we, as Christians, deal with it?

          There are many answers to this question and I am not qualified to answer them. I can only rely on God’s Word and the promises He has given us. He has told us through many, many Scriptures to stay strong in our faith in Him, to trust that He will take care of us. He has told us this is not our world. We are only here for a short time before we go to live with Him in His world forever.