God’s revelation through his prophet Obadiah is a somber judgment upon the Edomites.  The Edomites were the descendants of Jacob’s brother Esau.  In verse 3, God’s first condemnation is their sin of pride.  “The pride of your heart has deceived you,..”  They considered themselves safe from all enemies and had put their trust in other nations who they believed to be their friends.  But God told them that their allies would set a trap for them and they would not see it coming.

God also reminded them in verses 10-14 that they had not only committed violence against their brothers the Israelites, but had failed to help them when strangers came and entered Jerusalem and carried the Israelites into captivity.  The Edomites had even hunted down and prevented the few Israelites who had escaped their enemies from getting to freedom.

“Because of the violence against your brother Jacob, you will be covered with shame; you will be destroyed forever.  On the day you stood aloof while strangers carried off his wealth and foreigners entered his gates and cast lots for Jerusalem, you were like one of them.  You should not look down on your brother in the day of his misfortune, nor rejoice over the people of Judah in the day of their destruction, nor boast so much in the day of their trouble.  You should not march through the gates of my people in the day of their disaster, nor look down on them in their calamity in the day of their disaster, nor seize their wealth in the day of their disaster.  You should not wait at the crossroads to cut down their fugitives, nor hand over their survivors in the day of their trouble.”

God pronounced judgment on the people of Edom in verse 15:  “The day of the Lord is near for all nations.  As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.”  And again in verse 18 we see the coming fate of the Edomites:

“‘The house of Jacob will be a fire and the house of Joseph a flame; the house of Esau will be stubble, and they will set it on fire and consume it.  There will be no survivors from the house of Esau.’  The Lord has spoken.”

In the remaining verses of Obadiah we see the promise of God that His chosen people would once again possess and govern their land.  “And the kingdom will be the Lord’s.”

 I’ve never considered myself political, but even I have observed how our administration and government have begun to fraternize and bankroll the enemies of Christians everywhere and the enemies of Israel, God’s chosen people.  Throughout the history of Israel, we see over and over again how God brought destruction and annihilation to those who were enemies of his chosen people. Dare we incur God’s wrath by becoming allies with the enemies of God’s people, just as did the Edomites?  God forbid.

These are perilous times in our history.  We have cultivated a culture that has all but abandoned our God.  We cannot control the actions or beliefs of others, but we will be held accountable for ours.  For too long the people of this country have put their trust and hope in governmental programs and political leadership.  The way to change a nation is to change its people; the way to change its people is to change their hearts.  The message of salvation through Jesus Christ is the way to change their hearts. I believe it is imperative that we be in fervent and continuous prayer for this nation of ours and that we put feet and hands to our prayers before it is everlasting too late!

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7:14