Adopted Children

We all know what child adoption is and some readers may have been adopted children themselves.  Many times adoption is the salvation of neglected, mistreated or unwanted children.  That is in fact the condition of all people before being adopted by God.  Think of the great number of children in the world who are not wanted BUT God is willing to adopt them as His children.

The Bible tells us that that God predestined (determined beforehand) that those who came to Christ would be declared His children.  Ephesians 1:5. Upon being declared His child God imparts the Holy Spirit who assures us that we are God’s children and we can rightly address Him as Abba or Father.  Romans 8:15-16

You, dear Christian, are a bona fide child of God who is now your keeper, provider and protector.  HOW WONDERFUL but it gets even better.  As a child of God we are heirs of God making us joint-heirs (equal) with Jesus Christ.  Romams 8:17.  That is unimaginable and begs the question, Why do Christians spend so much time and effort obtaining the things of this world when we have so much more with Christ?

Appreciation for our adoption by God is intensified if we think on our previous family situation.  The term “family” is not attributed to Satan in the Bible but lost people are called “children of the Devil.”  I John 3:10. Everyone is either an adopted child of God or a child of Satan – the Devil.  Jesus told contentious Jews, “Ye are of your father the Devil…”  John 8:44

Think of it!  Before our adoption by God we were children of Satan and he was our father.  Scary thought!  No wonder we had so much trouble.  No wonder the world is so troubled.  Satan is anything except a caring and loving father.  His children are slaves to sin with a dismal future.  Isn’t it sad that the needy and forsaken children of the world are not being offered the adoption of God?

With earthly adoptions the adopted child is no longer under the rule of their former parents or guardians.  How grateful we Christians are for that.  Satan ceased to be our father and lost all claim to us when God adopted us.  Earthly adoptions usually provide children with better homes and lives.  Is that not what God has done for his adopted children?

How can we ever thank God for adoption into His family?  Sufficient thanks in words are impossible.  “Actions speak louder than words” is the old sage which fits well here.  The best thanks we can offer God is to be faithful children – faithful to the gospel which births adopted children like you and I.