Easter Sunday

Songs about bonnets in the Easter parade, chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts…..Where is Jesus?

          It reminds me of the song Shirley Cherry sang in church about the boy at the mall at Christmastime asking “Where is the line to see Jesus?”

          The resurrection of Jesus is the biggest event, the most important event in the history of the world. People become more excited about the baseball World Series, the NFL Super Bowl and the Olympics than they do about the resurrection of Jesus.

          Why do we find it so difficult to realize we have a living God, a God who loves us and lives within us and that Jesus won victory over death?

          There are so many verses spoken through the prophets of the Old Testament predicting the death and return of Jesus. We have the Psalms and Jesus himself told the disciples in the Gospels of the New Testament that “Everything must be fulfilled as is written about me by the prophets and in the Psalms.” His return was witnessed by the disciples, the women at the tomb and hundreds of others and their stories recorded in the Bible. Today we have all these assurances of the truth of those events on that first Easter morning so long ago.

          Because we believe that truth of God’s Word, because we can feel his guiding hand in our lives, because we feel his love for us, and experience the joy of knowing him as our Lord and Savior, we have no doubts about the living God around us and in us.

HE IS RISEN! Happy Easter.