“Be Merciful”

“Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” Luke 6:36

The vase stood on the little table for a long time.  It had been passed down from 4 generations.  Everyone knew to be careful not to break the vase.  But the kitten ran under that table and the little boy was chasing it and bumped into the table and crash went the table and the vase.  The vase was broken into many pieces.  The little boy stood there and fear filled his heart.  He started to cry for he knew he was in deep trouble when mom found out.  Mom heard the crash and came into the room.  Her son sobbed, “I’m sorry mother, I didn’t mean to break it.  I know it is something you love more than anything.  I need to be punished.  I am sorry.”  The mother looked at him and the vase on the floor.  Then she pulled the little boy into her arms and hugged him.  “Yes”, she said, “the vase was very precious and I did love it very much, but I love you more.  I know you didn’t do it on purpose.  I am not going to punish you.”

It is by God’s mercy that we are not consumed.  In acknowledging our sin, we are so aware of God’s mercy toward us.  Therefore He says, “Be merciful” as I am with you.  Our spiritual vitamin will help us to be merciful to others as our Father has been to us.  The next verses tell us to not judge, do not condemn, forgive, and give, for with the measure we use, it will be used for us. 

The hymn writer, T. O. Chisholm, put it this way:

            The mercies of God!  What a theme for my song, Oh!  I never could number them o’er

            They’re more than the stars in the heavenly dome or the sands of the wave=beaten shore.

            For mercies so great, what return can I make?  For mercies so constant and sure?

            I’ll love Him, I’ll serve Him with all that I have as long as my life shall endure.

Let’s be merciful to others today and every day because He is so merciful to us.