Pulpit Archives – Philip Howe

This page includes the sermon archives for our Senior Pastor Philip Howe. They are in chronological order with the most recent on top.

  1. Do Not Offend Your Brother
  2. Fornication & Celibacy
  3. Togetherness
  4. Taking a Brother to Court
  5. The Character of a Spiritual Father
  6. Evaluating Christ’s Servants
  7. Grow Up
  8. God’s Truth: An Exclusive Club
  9. Preach the Gospel
  10. God’s Selection
  11. The Christian View of Work
  12. The Wisdom of God
  13. The Unity of the Church
  14. The Benefits of Sainthood
  15. Good Moanin’ and Groanin’
  16. Ruth
  17. Knowing God’s Will
  18. G.R.I.T.S.
  19. Be There for Each Other