Pulpit Archives – Philip Howe

This page includes the sermon archives for our Senior Pastor Philip Howe. They are in chronological order with the most recent on top.

  1. The Warning System of the Soul
  2. The Sanctity of Life
  3. The Three Sacrifices of the Christian Priest
  4. Moses and Jesus
  5. Stay Focused on Christ
  6. Contributing to the Health of the Flock
  7. Paul, the Soulwinner
  8. Covetousness
  9. “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”
  10. Nationhood
  11. Honor Marriage
  12. Philoxenos
  13. Noah
  14. How to Distinguish Yourself as a Christian
  15. One Body, Many Gifts
  16. How to be a Super Christian
  17. A Mother’s Love 
  18. Justification by Grace through Faith
  19. Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind
  20. The Security of God’s Will and Purpose
  21. The Certainty of the Resurrection
  22. How to Crown Jesus Lord
  23. The Word of the Day Is Reconciliation
  24. The Corona Virus and the Purpose of Plagues
  25. The Vision and the Thorn
  26. Esther the Savior
  27. The Day of the Lord
  28. God’s Treasures in Earthen Vessels 
  29. Abigail the Intercessor
  30. Mephibosheth
  31. Happily Ever After
  32. The New Jerusalem
  33. The Great White Throne Judgement
  34. Armageddon
  35. The Rapture
  36. The Gospel According to Isaiah
  37. The Magi
  38. The Testimony of Simeon
  39. The Shepherds
  40. Thankfulness
  41. Looking unto Jesus
  42. It’s Your Turn
  43. The Hall of Faith
  44. Live for Christ
  45. The Blood of Christ Takes Away Sin
  46. The Blood of Christ
  47. The New Deal
  48. Melchizedek
  49. You Can Do It
  50. Christ, the Only Representative You Need
  51. Christ, Our Great High Priest
  52. No Escape
  53. Christ Is Greater than Angels
  54. Assurance of Salvation
  55. Tithing and Giving
  56. The Christian View of Work
  57. The Rapture 1 Corinthians 15:45-58
  58. The Warning System of the Soul
  59. The Vengeance of the Lord Jesus Christ
  60. The Passover & the Lord’s Supper
  61. The Certainty of Our Resurrection
  62. The Husbands
  63. Preaching Is Superior to Tongues
  64. The Permanence of Love
  65. More of the Qualities of Love
  66. The Qualities of Love
  67. Creation – It Matters How God Did It
  68. Ruth
  69. The Danger of Overconfidence
  70. Live for Christ
  71. Surrender Your Liberty
  72. Love Fulfills the Law
  73. Do Not Offend Your Brother
  74. Fornication & Celibacy
  75. Togetherness
  76. Taking a Brother to Court
  77. The Character of a Spiritual Father
  78. Evaluating Christ’s Servants
  79. Grow Up
  80. God’s Truth: An Exclusive Club
  81. Preach the Gospel
  82. God’s Selection
  83. The Wisdom of God
  84. The Unity of the Church
  85. The Benefits of Sainthood
  86. Good Moanin’ and Groanin’
  87. Knowing God’s Will
  88. G.R.I.T.S.
  89. Be There for Each Other