Text: It’s as easy for God to steer a king’s heart for his purposes as it is for him to direct the course of a stream. (Proverbs 21:1 TPT)

Tweet: Many Americans scrupulously scrutinize every word uttered by Biden or Trump, as though our future will be determined by what they have to say. At the same time, however, most Americans disdainfully disregard the Scripture; that is, what God has to say. Contrary to popular opinion, our future will not be forged by the pompous words of politicians, but can be found in the prophetic words of Scripture. Although the American electorate erroneously believes that our future is in the hands of our presidential candidates, the Bible clearly teaches us that our presidential candidates are in the hands of God. At variance with voters’ perception, Trump and Biden are not really movers and shakers, but mere pawns in the hands of divine providence, being used by God to bring to pass His predetermined plans and purposes.