Text: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

Tweet: One of the greatest heresies infiltrating the contemporary church is that of “decisional regeneration”; that is, the false teaching that salvation is a mere human decision. The miracle of salvation has been reduced today to the mere nodding of one’s head to the propositional truths of a gospel presentation and the simple repeating of the “sinner’s prayer” after some well-meaning evangelical. All who are willing to nod their head and repeat the prayer are assured by us, not by God, that they are a shoo-in for heaven and should never doubt their salvation.
Thanks to the heresy of decisional regeneration, contemporary Christians appear more concerned with persuading the sinner to pray the “sinner’s prayer” than with praying for the sinner’s salvation. We are more concerned with making better sales-pitches to the sinner than with making better supplication to God on the sinner’s behalf. Perhaps, this goes a long way in explaining the impotence of modern-day evangelism and the sparsity of our spiritual harvest.