When tempted by the devil in the wilderness during His earthly sojourn our Lord defeated His tempter with the Word of God (Matthew 4:1-11). To each temptation Christ responded, “It is written.” He countered the devil’s temptations and conquered His tempter by simply quoting the Word of God.

Realizing the futility of attempting to trip the Savior with something contrary to Scripture, Satan resorted to couching temptation in a misinterpretation of Scripture (vs. 6-7). He tried to deceive Christ into believing that He could do something God prohibited; namely, tempt God, in compliance with something God promised. Our Lord, however, would have none of it.

Knowing that the best commentary on the Bible is the Bible, Jesus showed Satan how his misreading of Scripture in one place was refuted by Scripture in another place.

If Jesus overcame the temptations of the tempter with the Word of God, how will you overcome temptation? If knowledge of the Scripture kept our sinless Savior from being misled by its misinterpretation, how will you know when the Scripture is being misinterpreted? The truth is; if you don’t know the Bible—and know it well—you can be easily tripped by the tempter, who frequently trips the saints by twisting the Scripture into seeming incentives to sin.