The Bible is soul food. It is the Christian’s daily and sustaining spiritual sustenance in the wilderness of this fallen world. Nowhere in Scripture is this truth better illustrated for us than in the story of Israel’s wilderness wanderings (Deuteronomy 8:1-3).

After Israel disbelieved His promise and disobeyed His command by refusing to enter the Promised Land, God ordered His people into the wilderness to wander for forty years. During that time, the only assurance Israel had of daily sustenance was God’s promise of manna. Day after day God’s promise was kept, manna fell from Heaven, and Israel’s daily bread was provided. In the end, Israel learned two important lessons: God’s Word is both sure and life-sustaining.

Have you learned these two important lessons? Do you take God at His Word and live each day in dependence upon His promises? Do you spend time every day in God’s Word, which serves as the Christian’s God-given bread from Heaven and spiritual sustenance in the wilderness of this fallen world?