When I was a child, I always asked for one large toy every Christmas. After I unwrapped it, my father would lay its instructions to the side and start trying to put it together. A few hours later, having become frustrated and infuriated, my dear old dad would pick up the instructions, follow them, and assemble my toy. I always wondered why Pop never read the instructions to start with, since it would have saved him so much time and trouble.

The Bible is our instructions for life (2 Timothy 3:16-17). It tells us how to put our lives together. It also teaches us how to rightly live our lives. The reason so many people have so much trouble putting their lives together is because they’ve never read the instructions. Having laid the instructions— the Bible—to the side, they make a mess of their lives, ending up frustrated and infuriated. How much trouble would they spare themselves if they only took the time to read the Scriptures?