Let’s conclude our devotions on the important topic of translations with a critical look at some modern-day translations.

First, “Bibles” like “The Message” and “The Living Bible” are not translations at all, but paraphrases. They are the result of some man putting God’s Word in his own words. In doing so, these men inevitably insert their own interpretations into the Scriptures and end up with a so-called Bible that is really their spin on what God says. Although I refuse to judge their hearts, which may be pure, I deplore this marketing of some man’s commentary on Scripture as Scripture itself.

Many defend paraphrases by arguing that we all paraphrase God’s Word every time we tell others what we think the Bible means. There is a great difference, however, between someone telling others what they think the Bible means and someone else binding their thinking in leather with gold leaf pages and trying to pass it off as the Bible itself.