A main objection of the critics of the King James Version of the Bible was that no new translation was needed. According to them, any new translation was an affront to existing ones and an insinuation that “the Church [had] been deceived” by them. The King James translators replied to such criticism by emphatically stating their belief that the translators who had “traveled before” them had “been raised up by God for the building and furnishing of the Church.” “They,” according to the King James translators, deserved to be held by us in the “posterity” of “everlasting remembrance” and to be “blessed” and “honored” by us for helping the church to “forward the saving of souls.” I don’t know about you, but I find it ironic that today’s “King James Only” proponents not only fail to hold other translators in high esteem, as the King James translators did, but excoriate them as well?