Having debunked the preposterous notion that the King James Version of the Bible is the divinely inspired English translation, we now turn our attention to a popular book among present-day proponents of “King James Onlyism.” This book, entitled New Age Bible Versions, has probably been used by the “King James Only” movement to promote their preposterous proposition more than any other book ever written.

The author of New Age Bible Versions is a woman named Gail Riplinger. Her book is such a shoddy piece of research and so riddled with misinformation and misrepresentations that even some “King James Only” advocates have been forced to denounce it. According to this book and its author, Mrs. Riplinger, the King James Bible alone is of God and all other translations are of the devil.

Interestingly, Mrs. Riplinger confesses that she “used” the name “G.A. Riplinger” in writing her book to signify “God and Riplinger—God as author and Riplinger as secretary.” Apparently, Mrs. Riplinger believes that she, like the original writers of Scripture and the King James translators, is also divinely inspired by God. However, the numerous mistakes that fill her book’s pages prove her claim of divine inspiration to be fraudulent. Far from the infallibility accompanying all divine inspiration, Mrs. Riplinger’s book is fraught with error.