Besides the immorality of King James and his political motive in commissioning a new English translation of the Bible, another fact “King James Only” proponents either ignore or are ignorant of is that the translators commissioned by King James to translate the Bible were Anglicans.

Anglicans at that time were largely sympathetic with Catholic Church tradition. They had been severed from papal Rome in 1534 when Henry VIII declared himself the head of the English church. Of course, Henry VIII’s usurpation of the English papacy was no more spiritually motivated than King James I’s commissioning of a new English translation of the Bible. In fact, Henry VIII’s motive was positively scandalous, it was to give himself permission, as the head of the English church, to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, in order to marry his lovely Ann Boleyn.

In addition to being sympathetic to the heresies of Roman Catholicism, Anglicans were also persecutors of the Puritans, those who called for the reformation of the Church of England by purifying it from all Catholic heresy. It was from such persecution that the Pilgrims fled when they sailed across the Atlantic to find a new life of religious liberty in the new world.