Having clearly stated in yesterday’s devotion our belief in both the divine inspiration of Scripture and God’s providential preservation of it throughout time, we now turn our attention to the preposterous proposition of “King James Only” proponents. According to them, the King James Version of the Bible is not only divinely inspired, but the only divinely inspired English translation.

The preposterousness of this proposition is easily proven. Let’s begin with the fact that King James I was, as history certainly proves, anything but a virtuous character. For instance, he was a homosexual. In addition to his personal vices, King James’ motive for ordering a new authorized English translation of the Bible was purely political, not religious. He hoped to calm tempers and tamp down dissension between factions in the Church of England warring over their differing doctrines and preferred translations.

As far as King James was concerned personally, such trivial matters as Christian doctrine and Bible translations were beneath his Royal Highness. His only reason for ordering the new translation was his fear that dissension in the church, if not resolved, might spill over into the state.