Interestingly, the translator’s Preface to the 1611 King James Version of the Bible reveals the following to the reader:

1. The translators were promoters of new translations, believing they would only aid future generations to better understand the Bible.

2. The translators had no intention of their translation becoming the exclusive translation of the Bible, the only one read by all Christians to the exclusion of all others, both past and future.

3. The translators actually believed that comparing different translations would help, not hinder, readers to better understand the Bible.

4. The translators, like translators of modern translations today, were severely persecuted for producing a new translation of the Bible, which many in the church saw as a reproach to former translations and as unreliable in comparison to them.

It is, in my opinion, most unfortunate that the translators’ Preface no longer appears in modern-day printings of the King James Version of the Bible. If it did, it would go a long way in clearing up confusion and solving current conflict in the church over the controversy of modern-day translations.