Cuthbert Tonstal, the Bishop of London, enlisted Augustine Pakington, one of England’s leading merchants, to buy every copy of Tyndale’s New Testament he could find in Europe. Tonstal told Pakington he was willing to pay any price for the New Testaments, so that he could once and for all destroy every last one of them.

Unbeknownst to Tonstal, Pakington was a friend of Tyndale’s. Together, Tyndale and Pakington, plotted to have Tonstal buy Tyndale’s New Testaments at exorbitant prices so that Tyndale would have more money to print more New Testaments than ever before. I guess you could say that Tyndale laughed all the way to the bank. England was flooded with a new wave of Tyndale’s New Testaments!