With today’s devotion we will begin to tell the fascinating story of the King James Version of the Bible. As we briefly discussed in a previous devotion, the Church of England or Anglican Church has a sorted spawning. Due to the inability of his Queen, Catherine of Aragon, to give him a son and male heir to his throne, as well as his infatuation with a lovely damsel in his court, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII petitioned Pope Clement VII for anannulment of his marriage to Catherine. When the Pope refused Henry’s request, Henry usurped the supremacy of the Pope over the church inEngland and had himself, the head of the English state, declared the new head of the English church as well. Afterward, he had the priests of England grant him an annulment of his marriage to Catherine so that he could marry Anne Boleyn. This is the sorted story behind the birth of the Church of England or the Anglican Church.

As one would expect, such a break from the Catholic Church, which had nothing to do with Catholic apostasy, resulted in the baggage of Catholicism’s errant doctrines being carrying over into the Church of England. However, during the reigns of Henry VIII’s son Edward and daughter Elizabeth I, many within the church of England, thanks to the Protestant Reformation, started calling for the purging of Catholic heresy from the English Church. Those calling for such a purifying of the Church of England became known as the Puritans.