Much to the surprise of many people today, the King James Version of the Bible is not the first English translation of the Bible. If you’ll do your arithmetic over our last few devotions on early English translations, you’ll discover that the King James Version is not the first, but the tenth English translation.

The first was Wycliffe’s translation in 1384.
The second was Tyndale’s translation in 1525.
The third was Coverdale’s translation in 1535.
The fourth was Matthews translation in 1537.
The fifth was Taverner’s Bible in 1539.
The sixth was the Great Bible in 1539.
The seventh was the Geneva Bible in 1560.
The eighth was the Bishops Bible in 1568.
The ninth was the Reims-Douai Bible in 1610.
And the tenth was the King James Version of the Bible in 1611.