MAY 30

Along with loopy stories from Jesus’ childhood, these so-called lost books of the Bible also contain ludicrous teachings. For instance, consider some of these gems from the Gnostic gospels:

  1. Jesus [Yeshua] said, “Blessings on the lion if a human eats it, making the lion human. Foul is the human if a lion eats it, making the lion human.”
  2. There are many animals that exist in the world which are in human form.
  3. Jesus [Yeshua] said, “Whoever has come to know the world has discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a carcass, of that person the world is not worthy.”
  4. Winter is the world, summer the other realm. It is wrong to pray in winter.
  5. God is a dyer. The good dyes, true dyes, dissolve into things dyed in them. So too for things god has dyed. His dyes are imperishable because of their colors. What god dips, he dips in water.
  6. Jesus [Yeshua] said unto them, “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make the male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be the male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in the place of an eye, a hand in the place of a hand, a foot in the place of a foot, an image in the place of an image, then you will enter the Kingdom.”

Anyone with a thimble full of sense can easily see that these so-called lost books of the Bible are unfit for inclusion in the biblical canon. Rather than inclusion in the Good Book, these books are far more suitable for inclusion in a goofy book. Anyone insisting that they belong in the Bible ought to get a job compiling material for comic books or funny pages. They certainly shouldn’t be taken seriously when it comes to their opinions concerning the composition of the biblical canon.