MAY 28

As you can easily see, from our last four devotions, the fallacious notion that the books of the Bible were handpicked by prejudiced church councils comprised of narrow-minded fundamentalists flies in the face of historical facts. Furthermore, the idea that today’s so-called “lost books of the Bible” are “sacred writings” unfairly excluded from the Scripture is also easily proven to be nothing more than plain balderdash.

Far from being equivalent to the books included within the sacred Scripture, these books were excluded because they are obviously profane rather than sacred. While there are a few exceptions, such as the books of the Apocrypha, these other “sacred writings” or “lost books of the Bible” are heretical documents written for the most part by Gnostic heretics. As we will prove over the next three of days, it doesn’t take “spiritual rocket science” to figure out that these heretical books are totally void of divine inspiration and undeserving of a place in the Bible.