MAY 23

Thanks to things like Dan Brown’s New York Times record-breaking bestselling book, The Da Vinci Code, and the National Geographic’s discovery of the Gospel of Judas, many people today have been deceived into believing that the books of the Bible were handpicked by prejudiced church councils. According to these conspiracy theorists, who have bought into Brown’s fiction passed off as fact and the National Geographic’s looney attempt to peddle the Gospel of Judas as a “lost book of the Bible,” these cherry-picking church councils gutted the Christian faith of its original diversity and restricted it to a narrow-minded fundamentalism. By doing so they also unjustly excluded from the biblical canon many other “sacred

These popular conspiracy theories—theories obviously designed by enemies of the Christian faith to undermine the credibility of the Bible—have one big fatal flaw. They have no basis in fact. They are pure fabrication, without one iota of historical evidence to corroborate them. For instance, as we will prove in the days ahead, the books of the Bible were never determined by any church council.