In Jeremiah 36:21-23, we are told an interesting story that illustrates how penknives taken out to whittle away at the Bible inevitably lead to the whole Bible being thrown on the hearth. In this passage, we are told how King Jehoiakim whittled away at the divinely inspired prophecy of Jeremiah. He cut everything out he didn’t like and threw it into the fire. Of course, by the time he was through, the whole of the divinely inspired prophecy had been cut-up, tossed into the fire, and reduced to ashes.

The moral of this story is obvious, once you start whittling away at the Bible you can’t stop until all the Bible is whittled away. Once you start tossing parts in the fire you can’t stop until the whole Bible is burnt up. The simple truth is; the Bible is either the divinely inspired inerrant Word of God from cover to cover or it is not the Word of God at all.