Although the Bible is not a history book, it is proven to be historically reliable in every historical fact found upon its sacred pages.

Throughout history, critics of Christianity have attempted to chip away at the Bible’s credibility with what they perceived to be historical inaccuracies. Yet, not a single archaeological discovery has ever disproved one thing in the Bible. In fact, archaeology has repeatedly proven the historical accuracy of the Scripture.

One of the things that Scripture’s critics once used in their attempts to undermine the validity of the Bible was the ancient Hittite civilization. While the Hittites were definitely named in the Scripture, no historical evidence of their actual existence had ever been discovered. As a result, Bible detractors touted this “fanciful” civilization as proof of the Bible’s unreliability. Then, over one hundred years ago, archaeologists discovered the ruins of this ancient civilization, a civilization previously unheard of apart from the pages of God’s divinely inspired Word.

Although the Bible was not written to be a history book, every historical statement it makes is accurate and true. As the great historian William Albright once said, “We no longer trouble ourselves with attempts to prove the Bible. The Bible can stand for itself.”