Although the Bible is not a science book, it is, contrary to popular present-day opinion, proven to be scientifically reliable in every scientific statement contained on it pages.

Listening to the condescending voices speaking down to Bible believers from today’s ivory towers of academia leads one to believe that the Bible and science are completely incompatible. Science contradicts the Bible and the Bible contradicts science. However, nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that contradictions exist between the Bible and “what is falsely called science” (1 Timothy 6:20), true science has never been at odds with the truth of the Scripture.

Did you know that hundreds of years before science discovered that the earth was spherical and suspended in space, the Bible declared these truths (Isaiah 40:22 Job 26:7)? Did you know that Matthew Maury, the first man to chart the currents of the sea, learned of the sea’s paths by reading Psalm 8:8? And are you aware of the fact that the healthy diet prescribed by your doctor today was prescribed by God in the Book of Leviticus over three thousand years ago? Far from disproving the Bible, as today’s Bible deniers contend, true science has always substantiated the teachings of the Scripture.