The Bible’s continuity is evidence that proves its reliability.

The Bible was written over a period of more than fifteen centuries. It was written in various places, stretching all the way from Babylon to Rome. It has more than forty different authors from various stations in life. For instance, the Bible was written by kings, priests, shepherds, farmers, fishermen, and slaves. There is even a physician and a publican (tax collector) numbered among the penmen of the sacred text.

In addition to the above, the Bible was also written in many different styles of writing. It contains narrative, law, songs, proverbs, poetry, prophecy and letters. Yet, despite of all of this diversity among its writers and writing styles the Bible is still a complete, harmonious and logical book without contradictions or errors. Its continuity is simply inexplicable apart from its claim of divine inspiration. Therefore, the Bible’s continuity serves as indisputable evidence of its divine inspiration!