The first words of the book of Revelation not only reveal to us the purpose of the book of Revelation, but of every book in the Bible and of the Bible itself. In Revelation 1:1 we read these words, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” The whole purpose of the Bible, God’s divinely inspired written revelation of Himself to mankind, is to reveal Jesus Christ to us, who Himself has made God known.

Let me teach you a tremendous truth about the Bible. The subject of the Scripture is the Savior, God’s Son, Jesus Christ. No matter where you are reading in the Bible; no matter what book, what chapter, what verse; no matter what story you are reading or who the characters in the story are; no matter what psalm or proverb, no matter what precept or what promise, no matter what command or what doctrine, it is there to teach you something about Jesus Christ.

The whole purpose of the Bible—the written Word of God—is to get you to Jesus—the living Word of God. If the Bible, God’s written Word, doesn’t do this for you, it can’t really help you, since only Jesus, God’s living Word, can save you, deliver you, and do for you all that needs to be done.

Jesus Christ is what the Bible is all about. By the way, He is also what life is all about! You’ll never be able to understand the Bible until you understand that it’s all about Jesus. Furthermore, you’ll never be able to understand the meaning of life until you understand that it too is all about Jesus. Do you understand this?