In our day, so-called scientists who deny the existence of a Creator behind creation in order to peddle the cockamamie theory of evolution are deemed intelligent rather than ignoramuses. They are believed to have reached the foolhardy conclusion that everything came from nothing on the basis of their great scholarship. However, the Bible teaches that the real reason they suppress the truth about God has nothing to do with science or scholarship, but everything to do with sin (Romans 1:18-20). It is simply their way of attempting to rid their consciences of guilt over their sin, as well as their minds of the foreboding possibility of someday standing before God to answer for the sins they’ve committed.

Think about it, how can anyone in their right mind possibly believe:

1. Everything came from nothing.
2. An intricately designed creation has no intelligent Designer or Creator.
3. The ability to reason came from something that couldn’t reason.
4. Life came from something that wasn’t alive.
5. Fish evolved lungs without drowning in the water or dying flopping around on the dry ground.
6. Man evolved from monkeys, but we still have monkeys.
7. In spite of the fact we evolved from monkeys, we lost our gorilla-like strength and incredible tree climbing ability.
8. Everything, including you and me and a head of cabbage, came from the same single cell that floated up on a slimy beach eons ago.
9. Everything is evolving, despite the fact that everything is devolving, deteriorating, dying, and decaying.
10. The universe is a cosmic accident.
11. We are here by happenstance.
12. A human being is no more significant than a cockroach or slug.
13. And life is meaningless, because there is nothing beyond the grave.

Truly, to believe such balderdash is inexplicable apart from insanity or, as the Bible teaches, iniquity. According to the Bible, fallen man is so sinful that he will stoop to anything, even the cockamamie theory of evolution, to deny the existence of God. In order to deny the existence of the Judge of all the earth, to whom he will one day answer for his sins, he must deny the existence of the Creator of all the universe. Otherwise, he must face the truth of the Scripture and either repent of his sins or perish (Luke 13:3, 5), a truth he finds so intolerable that he will go to any length to suppress it.