Now that we’ve proven, over the last few days, the multiple places in Scripture where the Bible claims to be the divinely inspired Word of God, let’s turn our attention from the Bible’s unique declaration to the important subject of divine revelation.

Revelation is the process by which God reveals or unveils Himself to mankind. According to the Bible, there are several ways God has revealed Himself to us. To begin with, the Bible says God has revealed Himself to us through creation.

In Romans 1:18-20, the Apostle Paul teaches that the obvious truth of a Creator (God) is incontrovertibly proven by the existence of creation. According to Paul, anyone who denies the existence of the Creator in the face of creation is an inexcusable imbecile.

How can one holding a book in their hand deny the existence of an author? How can one wearing a watch deny the existence of a watchmaker? How can one driving a car deny the existence of an automobile manufacturer? Likewise, how can anyone looking at an intricately detailed creation deny the existence of an intelligent Creator? To do so is the height of idiocy; it is to adhere to an inconceivable absurdity.