“With the Holy Spirit for my guide, I entered this wonderful temple that we call Christianity. I entered through the portico of Genesis and walked down through the Old Testament’s art gallery, where I saw the portraits of Joseph, Jacob, Daniel, Moses, Isaiah, Solomon and David hanging on the wall; I entered the music room of the Psalms and the Spirit of God struck the keyboard of my nature until it seemed to me that every reed and pipe in God’s great organ responded to the tuneful harp of David, the sweet singer of Israel. I walked into the business house of Proverbs and then entered the chamber of Ecclesiastes, where the voice of the preacher was heard. Then, I went into the conservatory of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley’s sweet scented spices filled and perfumed my life. Next, I walked into the observatory of the prophets and there saw photographs of various sizes, some pointing to far-off stars or events but all concentrated upon one great, bright and Morning Star which was to rise over the hills of Judea for our salvation. Then I went into the audience room of the King of Kings, and caught a a vision of His glory from four different standpoints, from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I walked in the Acts of the Apostles, where I saw the Holy Spirit doing His work in the formation of Christ’s holy church. I went into the correspondence room, and saw Peter, James, Paul, John and Jude penning their epistles to the world. Finally, I stepped into the throne room of Revelation and saw Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in all His glory. I found this truest friend that man ever knew; when all were false I found him true. In teaching me the way of life, the Bible has taught me the way to live, it has also taught me how to die. So that is why I am here, sober and a Christian, instead of a booze-hoisting infidel.” (Billy Sunday’s Tribute to the Bible)