• I am the Bible.
  • I am a library of sixty-six books.
  • I am the world’s best seller.
  • I am more than a book.
  • I am a force that overpowers opposing systems of thought.
  • I am the rock upon which civil liberties and social freedoms rest.
  • I answer the question: Who and where is God?
  • I was written by minds saturated with consciousness of God.
  • I am published in more languages and dialects than any other book that has ever been written.
  • I am cherished by millions of people as being the only concretely
    available and infallible rule of faith and practice.
  • I am the Word of God as set forth by inspired prophet, lawgiver,
    genealogist, priest, historian, poet, essayist, story-writer, moralist, seer, and theologian.
  • I set forth the way of life that leads to abundance and satisfaction of experience.
  • I tell the story of the great drama of redemption.
  • I am the meeting point of man’s efforts to discover God and God’s
    revelation of Himself to man.
  • I inspire devotion to truth and purity of life purpose.”