November 25, 2016

Yesterday was thanksgiving most people are already resuming their normal lives. Ignoring people and more concerned about the great deals at Wal-Mart then the eternal future of those they associated with yesterday.

I am not speaking of the lost but of Christians who have been thankful one day and can forget so easily the next. The Israelites often forgot about what it meant to be a chosen people chasing after false God’s and only returning to the one true God when times got rough.

As Christians today do we do the same things, chasing after false idles only to return to God when things get tough. Forgetting who gives us everything we need trying to do everything with our own power, only to fail and crawl back to a loving God.

Dear Lord: remind me to be ever grateful for what you have given me, the gift of eternal life, always reminding me of who you are so I can remember who I am. Nothing more than a sinner saved by grace, given everything I need to survive this world to move on to my home in Heaven.

In Jesus name I pray amen.