How many will put on the full armor of God? How many will stand in the gap presenting a pure and uncompromised gospel? These two questions are some of the important questions a Christian can ask of themselves.

Some use the excuse they do not have the gift of evangelism. Some will say they are not educated enough or can speak clearly. They do not have the wisdom or discerning spirit to know what to say. Others will hire a pastor and pay him to do all the spiritual work in their lives.

All the excuse makers will not be a true witness for Jesus and the kingdom of God. Each individual must be ready at all times to share the gospel. Praying for opportunities to share the gospel and watch once more the miracle of salvation.

Dear Lord: Give me the opportunity to share the gospel often. To once again see you place someone under conviction. Performing the miracle of salvation once more that I may have one more brother or sister in Christ.

In Jesus name I pray amen.