You can read in Matthew 13 a parable Jesus told about a farmer who sowed some seeds and the ensuing results.  I offer this poetic version.


A farmer went out to plant his field one warm and sunny day.

Birds quickly devoured some of the seed that fell along the way.

Some sprang up but soon withered as they fell on stony ground.

Some grew but were soon choked out by the thorns that had them bound.


Others fell on fertile soil as the sower planted his field.

These seeds sprouted, grew and matured, and gave a fruitful yield.

The Master told this story long ago to crowds that gathered near.

When we understand its message, we can witness without fear.


Don’t worry how others react when you sow the seeds of God’s Word.

Jesus tells us there are different ways His message may be heard.

Some will hear but not understand as Satan steals it from their heart.

As shown by seeds falling by the wayside that never got a start.


Some respond quickly but when troubles come they cannot be found.

They have no roots to sustain them like seeds falling on stony ground.

Some hear the Word but it’s choked out by the world’s riches and it cares.

They give their time and talent to worldly things—no fruit do they bear.


But thanks be to God, some hear and accept and bear fruit many fold.

They are like seeds that fall on good soil, with roots that go deep and hold.

Jesus told this parable to show how His Word might be received;

So that we can understand how His message might be perceived.


Let’s look into our hearts and reflect on this message from our Lord.

Which seed shows in your life?  Are you deeply rooted in God’s Word?

Are you like the seeds that fell by the wayside or on stony ground?

Do you bear fruit or do the cares of the world have you tightly bound?


Years have come and gone since Jesus told this story by the sea.

But there’s still a message in it, and it’s important to you and me.

Even though we may not see the harvest from the seeds that we sow,

Let’s keep planting seeds and trust God to water and help them grow.


Few things are more discouraging than to try to share the gospel with someone who is unwilling to listen.  We all have friends and family members who have bought into the worldly “isms” and view us as relics of the past.  When we face such opposition, the only course of action is setting a Christian example and prayer, lots of “from the heart” prayer.  Remember, even Jesus was not able to win over everyone He spoke to about the Kingdom of God.  But, His last words on earth were for us to preach His message to all people.  It was important enough for Him to die on a cross, so it should be important to us.