“Favorite Verses”

Lou Tucker shares with us today.

“…When I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me.”   Micah 7:8

For several years, I lived what I (not fondly) remember as the “Dark Days of My Soul”.  There was so much pain and sorrow that I felt close to an emotional and physical collapse.  I prayed that God would give me a heart of ice, so I couldn’t feel any of the pain.  He answered that prayer, and for a time there was no pain, no sorrow and no laughter in my life.

Then, I had to pray for a softer heart because I wanted to be able to laugh again.  The Spirit led me to this Scripture and it sustained me throughout those long days, weeks, months and years.  Eventually, the laughter and a sense of peace returned to my life.

LESSON LEARNED:  If we seek the Lord in all things, we can be brought from darkness and despair into the bright light.  He is truly my Light in the Darkness!