Prayer is a deep subject and much has been written about it.  A definition that I like is that prayer is a heart-to-heart communion with God. When I looked up communion in the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, I found a whole lot of information. In short, it is a fellowship, a state of giving and receiving, agreement, concord.

As I examined my prayers, I found that I did more giving of my cares, concerns and requests than I did in receiving God’s message to me.  Have you ever had a conversation with someone in which you never got a word in edgewise? You did the listening and they did the talking.  That is not a heart-to-heart communion.  Does that happen in our communion with God?  I have heard that there is a reason why God gave us one mouth and two ears.

Jeremiah 10:1:” HEAR THE WORD WHICH THE LORD SPEAKS TO YOU, O HOUSE OF ISRAEL.”  God repeatedly said this to Israel; the problem is they didn’t listen.  In Jeremiah 25:4, God said that He sent His prophets, but they did not listen nor incline their ears to hear.  Could that be said of us today?  Mark 4:9:”AND HE SAID TO THEM, HE WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR!”  God still speaks today.  Do we listen?

God invites us to heart-to-heart communion with Him.  I don’t think that He means for us to do all of the talking!  I am going to use my mouth less and my ears more when I go into my quiet place.  I want to wait for God to speak to my heart! God still uses prophets to proclaim His message.  I believe He communicates through His written Word and through His people.  I need to shut up more and listen more intentionally.

I am looking forward to a real heart-to-heart talk with my Lord!  How about you?