A perfect example of how America’s evangelicals are compromising the Gospel in order to climb in bed with today’s politicians is how evangelicals lined up at the polls to vote for a Mormon in the 2012 presidential election.

The Bible teaches us as Christians that we should not welcome into our house a cultist or anyone preaching a false gospel. To do so is to encourage them in their preaching of a false gospel, to give credence to the false gospel they preach, and to be seen by God as aiding and abetting them in the propagation of their false gospel (2 John 10-11). If this is true, then, how much guiltier are we of encouraging a cultist in the preaching of his false gospel and of giving credence to the false gospel he preaches if we attempt to vote him into the White House?

Of course, evangelical support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the last presidential election failed to prevent Barack Obama from winning a second term in the Oval Office, in which he has proceeded unimpeded by Romney’s political party to dismantle our country. What evangelicals did accomplish by voting for Mitt Romney, however, is the following:

The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints has been taken off the lists of cults by such prominent Christian organizations as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

According to public opinion polls, the Mormon cult is seen more favorably today by the American people than at any other time in our nation’s history. And, thanks to the fact that so many evangelical Christians went to the polls to vote for Mitt Romney, most Americans now see the Mormon cult as synonymous with the Christian Faith.

In the end, we undermined the Gospel, America’s only hope of change, and changed nothing in America.