Do you remember the story recorded for us in Scripture about King Herod and the Magi (Matthew 2:1-12)? Herod attempted to deceive these religious leaders from the East into betraying Christ so that he could eliminate a threat to his political position; namely, this newborn “King of the Jews.” Many a modern-day politician is deceiving the church in America into betraying Christ at the polls so that they can use Christians to defeat their political rivals. Unfortunately, today’s Christians, unlike the ancient Magi, are not heeding God’s warning not to be deceived into betraying Christ in order to serve the ends of some self-serving politician. Instead, the contemporary church in America is prostituting itself to politicians and political parties to further their political ends and selfish ambitions.

We need not complain about the lack of right choices at the polls in today’s America. Neither do we have any right to complain about self-serving politicians and their power-hungry political parties. As long as we keep going to the polls in violation of our Christian convictions and in betrayal of Christ to vote for the lesser evils being promised to us by dishonest and double-dealing politicians, we are perpetuating rather than preventing the problem with our current and corrupt political process. On the other hand, if we served this country notice that the only cause we are willing to further in this world is the cause of Christ, and that no politician or political party can count on our support who refuses to stand with us in Christ’s cause, then, and then only, may we truly begin to make a difference in America!