Undoubtedly, at the top of most evangelicals’ lists of things Christians should do in today’s America is “vote.” In fact, most evangelical Christians are under a false sense of obligation, even feeling divinely duty-bound, to show up at the polls every time there is an election. It doesn’t matter if there are no righteous choices on the ballot or any trustworthy candidates running for office, many Christians in today’s America are still going to vote. They may have to hold their noses and violate their Christian convictions, but they’re going to vote, since they believe in an 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt vote.”

Unbeknownst to these mandatory ballot punchers, their votes are being taken for granted by dishonest and double-dealing politicians. As long as politicians and political parties know evangelicals are going to show up at the polls no matter what choices are afforded them on the ballot, these self-serving politicians and power-hungry political parties will take the votes of evangelicals for granted. They know our votes can be bought for so cheap a price as a few false campaign promises to do a little lesser evil than is being promised by their political opponents. In the end, instead of changing America through our current and corrupt political process, what American evangelicals are really doing at the polls is enabling unrighteous politicians to take our votes for granted and to continue running for elected office on a platform of false promises to do lesser evils.

Ask yourself what incentive any politician has to ever offer you a righteous choice at the polls or to keep their promise to do the right thing if elected to office as long as they know your vote can be bought for so cheap a price as a few false campaign promises to do nothing more than lesser evils. On the other hand, what might happen if the church of Jesus Christ stood up in this land and said we’ll not return to the polls until we’re offered righteous choices by trustworthy candidates who will keep their promises to do the right thing once elected to office?