As a result of seeing love of country as synonymous with love of Christ and political activism as equivalent to serving Christ, many American Christians feel obligated to continue to participate in our current and corrupt political process, even at the expense of their Christian convictions. To do so requires them to compartmentalize their politics from their faith. They go to the polls to vote for lesser evils, since they are afforded no righteous alternative to evil on the ballot, while claiming at the same time to be a Christian, someone commanded by Scripture to avoid “all appearance of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22).

Of course, political activism in this anti-christ country is justified by today’s American evangelicals as an attempt on their part to turn our country around. As it has been astutely observed, our failure to learn from history dooms us to repeat it. For instance, consider the following. At the time of Christ’s First Advent, the people of God missed the signs of the times over their looking for a political savior for their country—Israel. Likewise, today, at the time of Christ’s Second Coming, America’s evangelicals are missing the signs of the times over their looking for a political savior for our country—America. As a consequence of rejecting their promised Messiah over His failure to fulfill their political expectations, Israel suffered the judgment of God. Like 1st century Israel, 21st century America is rejecting the promised Savior in lieu of political solutions to all of our country’s problems. As a result, present-day America, just like ancient Israel, is destined to suffer the soon coming judgment of God!